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  1. Division 1 Baseball Player
    PSYCH-K helped me overcome the beliefs in my head which limited my performance on the field. Once I accepted and balanced these beliefs I was able to thoroughly execute with a clear mind.
  2. High School Baseball Player
    Before my PSYCH-K session, I lacked confidence when playing against tougher competition. I didn't believe in myself or my ability. I had a mental block. After my session I was able to elevate my game to the next level.
  3. High School Baseball Player
    Last year I struggled with my speed because I thought I was slow. After my PSYCH-K session, I was able to clear out all of those beliefs and as a result dropped .6 tenths of a second off my 60 time. I also felt in increase in confidence.
  4. 13 Year Old Travel Player
    PSYCH-K has helped me become more confident on the baseball field.
  5. Division 1 Baseball Player
    I got my swagger back! Gave me back my confidence.
  6. Division 1 Baseball Player
    My sessions with Coach Daniello were amazing. The mental piece was huge for me. It helped me break some bad habits